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IKEA RAST Makeover

So along with the purchase of our new home, it seemed that we also needed (okay, wanted) to purchase a bunch of new stuff to go in it. To be fair, our old bedside tables were on their way out and we needed a bit more storage space in the master bedroom.

I was scrolling through Pinterest one day (as I quite often do) and I came across an IKEA RAST hack. I had a look at some more RAST hacks and thought that it would be a perfect alternative to purchasing new bedside tables. Not only did it provide the extra storage we needed but the price tag was a big plus too!

We bought two RAST chest of drawers, now I just had to decide what to do with them. The possibilities are endless as it really is a blank canvas designed for the purpose of putting your own stamp on it.


It didn’t require any prep before painting as it’s solid pine that hasn’t been treated. However, if you wanted to, it could be sanded before hand for a smoother finish or you could add a primer to the parts to be painted. I actually liked the idea of the wood grain showing through the painted front drawers so I painted them without priming them first.


I used a wood dye for the top and sides of the dresser and used the same paint that is on the feature wall behind it for the drawers. My idea for painting them this way was that the top and sides would seem to ‘flow’ up from the floor while the main body of the drawers blend into the wall behind. I didn’t wax or varnish the dresser at all (really just because I wanted to get them done when we first moved in and haven’t got around to it yet!) but it has held up fine so far.

I wanted the knobs on the dressers to really pop without being too over the top. I chose these pretty black and white knobs that I purchased on Amazon. As I’m using bits of black around the house I thought these would do nicely!

Overall, I’m really quite pleased with these little bedside tables. They look pretty and add lots of extra storage in our master bedroom.

And check out these beautiful gladioli my husband surprised me with!


Thanks for taking the time to read. I’d love to see any other RAST makeovers that may be out there!

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