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Sideboard Upcycle

Hello blogging world. It has indeed been a long time (over a year!) but I’m looking forward to getting back into sharing my projects with you.

A lot has happened in the past year, including buying our first home. It’s a big step but I’m so glad to finally have a place that I can put my stamp on.

I wanted to share a recent project that came along with moving. I looked high and low for a sideboard to put in our living room that I liked and that was affordable. I couldn’t believe how expensive they were. If they were reasonably priced they weren’t very good quality (you get what you pay for). My mother-in-law kindly offered us a sideboard that was in definite need of some TLC but I am always up for a challenge!

Here’s a before shot of the lovely piece.


As you can see it’s seen better days. One of the doors was literally being held up with blue tack which I thought was hilarious. The sideboard had been in a conservatory for years so the sun had also bleached parts of it and the top was covered in scratches and water marks (you get the picture!). The hardware was in serious need of updating as well.

I purchased an electric sander because I knew I would have to sand this piece and hadn’t really needed to do much sanding on any other pieces I had painted before. I’m so glad I did because the top of the sideboard took a lot of heavy duty sanding. It was covered in a hard lacquer that took A LOT of elbow grease to remove (and I was thankful for my helpful husband who did a lot of it!). I also removed all of the hinges, handles and doors so that I could paint them separately.

To paint this piece I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in ‘Layla’s Mint’. There were some definite pros and cons to using this paint (I had never used it before). The Pros: It went on so smoothly and although it seemed really watery, which I like in a paint, it covered nicely. I only needed to do 2 coats to cover the piece. The Cons: You had to mix the paint yourself (call me lazy but I thought this was a real hassle) and although it went on smoothly it did bubble in a couple of places as it dried. The bubbling didn’t bother me overly as I was going to distress the sideboard anyways, but it did mean that I had to sand it down and repaint in a couple of areas. Because the paint comes in a powdered form the pigments are all ‘separated’ still. You need to mix the paint really well to make sure all the pigments are dissolved or you could end up with a multi-coloured effect. I’m not sure if this is a pro or a con. I mixed the paint fairly well (I thought so anyways) but still ended up with a few yellow and blue streaks here and there. While I actually like the way it looks, as I think it adds to the piece’s rustic charm, if you wanted a cleaner finish it might not be so great.

I used a normal paint brush to apply the paint and as I mentioned above I only needed to do two coats over the whole thing. I searched and searched for new hardware but I couldn’t find anything that I liked to fit the preexisting holes made to attach the handles. I decided to spray paint the hardware instead in a glossy black.

I definitely took some style inspiration from Joanna Gaines on this piece. I love how she accents her neutral coloured rooms with pops of black here and there and of coarse I wanted it to have a rustic-farmhouse feel.


I distressed a lot of this piece and quite heavily in areas -especially where the paint had bubbled. After I had sanded the top I used a wood dye to stain it a rich, dark colour. Finally I used Annie Sloan’s soft wax over the whole piece to help protect it.

Overall I’m really pleased with the way that the sideboard turned out. I wasn’t %100 sure of the colour but I think it works nicely in the room and is something a bit different to what I would normally choose. As well as looking pretty, it’s also practical and holds a lot of stuff.


Thanks for reading, hope you have a great weekend!

sign off


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