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Hello again!

As I sit here in my beautiful sunny kitchen with the patio doors wide open I feel that it is about time I came out of my blog hibernation. I have been somewhat lacking inspiration, motivation and energy to post anything throughout the last few months but am so excited to start up again.

So I wanted to share a very simple, but quick project I recently did. I had this clock which I bought at an auction held by our church’s youth group (I think I donated like a pound or something along those lines for it) and I have to admit that it has been sitting in the closet, in a box for about a year and a half awaiting the upgrade I had always planned on giving it.

This is the before pic of my little mantelpiece clock. I’m sure it’s meant to be shabby chic but that style just doesn’t seem to be working for it if you ask me.


So naturally I had to do something to this clock to make it a bit less insipid. I decided to upgrade it by painting it and distressing it. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Emperor’s Silk and Louis Blue which I think look really pretty together.

Here’s some mid-progress pics.


during3The picture above shows the clock before I waxed it. Notice the difference to the richness and depth of colour the soft wax makes!



If you haven’t used soft wax before -fear not. It’s so easy to use. I simply cut a bit off of a soft old t-shirt and used that to rub the wax into the piece after the paint had dried. As I mentioned, it makes the colour ‘pop’, adds a bit of a shine, and protects your piece. It’s amazing!

The frame around the face of the clock was metal and I used chalk paint and soft wax on that as well. Worked a treat.

What kinds of not-so-typical things have you used paint to update/upgrade?

So anyway that’s a quick one, I have missed sharing my antics!

Hope it’s as sunny there as it is here!



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