DIY Mantelpiece Overhaul


I am a big believer in making things your own. My husband and I rent our home so we are always somewhat limited in the ways that we can put our stamp on things. The house came with a small electric fireplace which is nice, but somewhat modern for my tastes. I decided to change it up a bit by framing it with an old mantelpiece that I found for £16 on ebay.

Here’s the before shot, it was stained quite dark which I actually liked because when I distressed and waxed it after painting the lovely dark wood peeked through.


I painted it using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in ‘Pure’, distressed it and then used Annie Sloan clear wax to finish it off. I had to do two coats as the first coat didn’t cover as much as I wanted it to. I had never used the soft wax before but I loved it! It really made the colour pop and brought out the distressed bits. It was really easy to apply as well, I used an old, soft t-shirt and wiped the wax onto the mantel with the grain of the wood and then wiped any excess off. I also did two coats of wax.


I wanted to decorate the mantel using natural colours and give it a rustic feel. I found an old frame at a charity shop and painted that using ‘Paris Grey’. Once it was dry I distressed it and dry brushed a little bit of ‘Pure’ on top of that.



To add to the ‘rustic’ feel I took an old milk bottle that I had kicking around and wrapped it with twine. The lavender was from our garden.



I can’t wait to decorate it all up for Christmas!


Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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