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A Visit to Portugal


I thought I would take a little break from what are seemingly endless baking posts, and share some photos from our trip to Portugal. We visited the Algarve region of Portugal in September which is known for it’s breathtakingly beautiful beaches or praias. We spent the mornings on the beach or travelling around to different towns, generally just exploring at our own pace. It is such a beautiful place and I would recommend a visit!


All of these pictures are taken on my Nikon D3100 with my kit lens.

The pictures below were taken at Praia da Coelha. It was my favourite beach that we visited. The landscape there is amazing. God’s creation is truly wonderful.

beach5 beach7 beach6 beach4 beach3 beach2 beach1

We loved this beach and had lunch here in a little restaurant propped up on the side of the cliff. My husband had chips (which is not surprising) and I had a delicious roasted pepper salad (yum!). It was so gorgeous sitting in the sun, listening to the waves crash against the rocks.

The next set of pictures were taken at Praia Dona Ana. This beach was a bit busier than the last as it was located on the edge of a large town and not as remote as Praia da Coelha but it still had some beautiful views.

beach8 chimney moped beach9

We also managed to visit a few historical towns in the area. The two we liked the most were Lagos and Silves.

Lagos was beautiful, the streets were covered in mosaics that stood out against the stark white buildings and terracotta roofs. I loved the mural of a boy gazing at a fish that was painted on the side of a building.

lagos lagos2 lagos3

We visited a little town called Silves that was full of character. It was almost eerily quiet as we walked around the streets but I think this added to beauty of the place. It was old and run down in an authentic kind of way, full of windy cobbled streets that had been worn smooth over time and tired looking churches.

silves silves2 silves3silves6silves5

Looking at these pictures I wish we were back there right now!

Thanks for visiting, have a happy Saturday.





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