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Garden Party in the Rain

When it’s raining in Wales (which it tends to do from time to time) and you’ve planned to have a garden party, you have to be imaginative and bring the garden inside.

My husband’s grandfather recently celebrated his birthday and my mother-in-law had planned a garden party for the occasion. Alas, the Welsh weather wasn’t co-operating so we were a bit gutted that we were going to have to do it all indoors.

A family friend from the USA (who is a professional chef) had planned a brilliant meal for us (it was fantastic) and as he was cooking we were sceptical about having everyone sitting in the kitchen. We decided to clear out the conservatory and have dinner in there. We propped open the doors to let in the warm breeze and hung some bunting and fairy lights. The effect was quite magical and I just wanted to share a few photos.


We pushed two tables together to create one long table that everyone could sit at together and collected different chairs from around the house and from outside for seating.


 garden3 party2

We scrounged up different candle holders from around the place and mixed them all together to create this look. We also filled different bottles and vases with triteleia (the blue flowers) and placed them around the room. The table cloths are actually some old curtains we found in the cupboard (waste not!). The pink, blue and red looked great together although it might not be something you would normally think of.

garden6 garden4

We filled an old bucket with ice to chill the wine in and created a drink station on top of an old sideboard.


When it started to go dark, it looked so pretty as the fairy lights twinkled and reflected off of the glass.


I love ‘problem solving’ in situations like this, using whatever you have to hand to create something beautiful. Although it does rain a lot here in Wales, there’s something to be said about a misty, warm summer evening surrounded by family and friends -rainbows.



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