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Heart Felt & Twine Bunting

The inheritance of crafting material makes me happy.

My mother-in-law was recently sorting out some of her craft stuff and gave me a whole bunch of felting wool. I was a bit sceptical at first about what I was going to do with it, but I very quickly realised that I had indeed stumbled upon a gem of crafty opportunity.

After You-Tubing a few different ways to work with felting wool. I decided to try needle felting. So, feeling very experimental, I created this Heart Felt & Twine Bunting.




What will you need? felting wool, some hard foam, a hard board, heart cookie cutters, twine, a felting needle, scissors and a plastic bag (or a plastic sheet).


First, I selected the size of heart that I wanted on the bunting/garland. I chose to make hearts about 5cm in size. Take a good handful (don’t skimp!) of wool and tear it apart a bit to separate the fibres. Then place the cookie cutter on top of the foam and stuff it full of the wool. I put a wooden board underneath just in case the felting needle went through the foam and hit the table.


With your felting needle, stab the wool repeatedly until the fibres have bound together and you have a thick felt starting to form.You can see the wool in the photo above has started to felt. BE CAREFUL!! I imagine that a felting needle to the finger would REALLY hurt!!

After that initial stage I lifted the heart and put a plastic bag in between the heart and foam. I did this to try and stop the heart from being too ‘fuzzy’ which happens as the wool fibres are pulled in to the foam a bit. Once the heart is on the bag I continued ‘stabbing’ it until there was an even stronger felt.


This photo shows what the heart will look like once removed from the plastic bag on the foam. I do think that this looks pretty darn sweet but I was going for a bit of a ‘cleaner’ look for the bunting. To achieve this look, I then put the heart directly on the board (still in the cookie cutter) and VERY GENTLY jabbed it. Because the fibres won’t go into the wood, the fibres that were creating the ‘fuzzy’ effect bound in to the heart.


I trimmed off some of the excess fibres and presto…


a felted heart.

So, at this point keep felting away until you have enough hearts to make the bunting. For every single heart that appears on the bunting you will need TWO felted hearts. I wanted 7 hearts on my bunting so I had to make 14 felted hearts.

DSC_0248 DSC_0252

Once all of the hearts are done, cut a length of twine and place the hearts where you want them to be positioned on the bunting. I spaced each heart 2 inches (about 5cm) apart.


To attach the felted hearts to the twine, take a heart and lay the piece of twine over top. Then, using another felted heart, sandwich the twine in between the two hearts. I placed the twine at the top of the felt hearts to prevent the hearts from flipping around too much when the bunting was hanging.

To bind the hearts together and sandwich the twine in between them, put the hearts (and twine) on top of the foam with the plastic bag in between the foam and the felted hearts. Jab away with your felting needle until the hearts are bound together. Don’t be afraid to hit the twine as the fibres will work their way into the twine as well, meaning that the hearts won’t slide up and down the twine. Remove from the foam and repeat on the board again.

Repeat with all of your felted hearts to create the bunting/garland.

Once all of the hearts were attached I went through and carefully trimmed off any excess fibres.


It was pouring with rain and miserable this morning but has brightened up into a beautiful sunny day. Yay!


About a week a go I purchased an old mantelpiece on ebay that I’m going to re-finish. I plan on using this garland on it when it’s completed.

This craft is so versatile as you could use any kind of shapes or colours you want. I’m thinking that clouds would be really cute, balls, stars, rain drops etc… And I can’t wait to use it at Christmas to spruce up the tree or hang around the house! It would be fab for any holiday really! Stay tuned.



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