Something Old…

Recently we moved, and during that dreaded moving process our wardrobe bid us farewell.

You don’t realise how much STUFF can fit into a wardrobe until you’re without. In desperate need of a new one, I decided to re-finish an old wardrobe as an alternative to spending loads of money on something that wouldn’t last. A friend of the family was getting rid of some old furniture so I snagged this lovely (NOT!) piece and decided to give it a go.

The wardrobe was in okay condition, but as you can see by my photos below it needed some serious updating! I gave the whole thing a good wash down and let it completely dry and air our before continuing with anything.

So what do you need? I used a paint that I purchased at B&Q called ‘Craig & Rose Opulence’. The can claimed that it was for interior wood and furniture and I would recommend it as I did no prep whatsoever to the piece and it went on great. I didn’t want to spend the money (thrifty as I am) on expensive Chalk Paint, but I have heard good things about it if you are willing to part with the cash. As I said, this would be a less expensive alternative as the tin I got was around £8 for 750ml and this did 3 coats on the exterior (and a small amount of the interior) with a bit to spare for touch ups at a later date (if needed). I used a colour called ‘Pale Cashmere’ for the exterior and white for the interior. I noticed that Rust-Oleum are now doing a ‘Chalky Finish Furniture Paint’ -has anyone tried it?

Okay, back to my original train of thought… You also need a paint brush and… that’s about it. I chose to do the inside of the doors using wallpaper which actually worked really well, so if you wanted to do that you’ll need the wallpaper, wallpaper adhesive, a roller and one very patient husband.

After you have everything needed just start painting! As mentioned, I did 3 coats on the exterior and 2 inside. To put the wallpaper on the doors I just cut the paper to size and followed the instructions on the adhesive package to apply the wallpaper.

Image   Image



As I was going for a ‘shabby chic’ vintage look, I ordered some vintage glass knobs for the doors. They were around £4 each on Amazon (you can get anything on there!!)





And there you have it, something old to something new. I must admit that although it was a lot of work, every time I look at an old piece of furniture I’m imagining how I could paint it/upgrade it. It’s addictive!

In other news, check out this vintage storage jar I found at a flea market this weekend… 1970’s -love.




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