Pilot Post

Hello, As this is my first post I feel that I should say ‘hi’. My name is Lex and this is my blog about all sorts of wonderful things that I like to do when it’s raining outside (I need to keep myself busy as we live in South Wales and it rains ALOT here). I’m originally from Canada so where I can deal with copious amount of snow, I’m not so used to the rain. It can get you down but we need to always be looking for the ‘rainbows’ in life, those things which are positive in a less than ideal circumstance. For me, this means creativity, creativity, creativity. My head is always bouncing around with ideas and I’m hoping that this blog will allow me to share some of them with you.

I know that there are lots of amazing creative bloggers out there and I admire you all! Even if no one ever reads this, it’s something that I can look back and reflect on.

With all of that being said I wanted to share one of my most recent projects.I know there is a bit of a DIY chalkboard craze going on at the moment so I wanted to try it out for myself. We are currently renting a house as we are unsure about whether or not we want to move back to Canada. This means that we’re (my husband and I) a bit limited to how we can make it our own. The first room I wanted to start with was the kitchen. It’s was quite plain and definitely needed a bit of character added to it. I decided that a nice, big, funky chalk board would be a good way to fill a plain wall. I wanted to go for a more ‘distressed look’ and I think it turned out quite nice!

So to start with I used a big, old frame that I found in my mother-in-law’s garage (thank goodness for parent’s and in-laws who never throw anything out!). You will also need some paint to paint the frame (I used ordinary, white wall paint -also found in said garage), chalkboard paint (ordered on Amazon for a fiver), paint brushes and some chalk or chalkboard markers.


The frame that I was using was in pretty bad shape, due to years of neglect. I gave it a bit of a wash and sanded it down before I started painting. The paint that I was using was pretty thin, but I liked the fact that you could still see some of the knots and grain in the wood as I was going for a more ‘country’ feel. I applied two coats and left it at that. Once the paint was dry, I used sand paper to distress the frame. I sanded the corners and some of the higher edges more as they would have been the areas that would have been worn down had it been a frame tossed around and weathered over time.


The next step was actually creating the chalkboard bit of the chalkboard (if ya get what I mean?). I went to the local lumber yard and a nice chap cut me a piece of hardboard to fit the frame. I painted it with 2 coats of the chalkboard paint (be sure to let the first coat fully dry before you attempt a second coat) and then once it was dry I attached it to the frame. The chalkboard paint, which is quite thick, actually went a lot further than I thought it would. I bought the 125ml can and there is still over half of it left, awaiting another project…  AND VOILÀ! a chalkboard was born.

I chose one of my favourite verses from the Bible to put on the board and used chalkboard pens instead of traditional chalk. I found that I had more control using a chalkboard pen as it’s basically like using a marker. I roughly sketched what I was going to put on the board before taking the leap and actually attempting chalkboard art (which I had never done before)! Thankfully it’s quite forgiving and if you use a chalkboard marker you can simply wipe any mistakes off with a damp cloth and start over. I created my own design, but I know that there are lots of great sites out there that can help you come up with ideas. I did ‘Pinterest’ some chalkboard art to help me come up with some concepts as well as different types of fonts and lettering I could use.

DSC_0561  chalkboard DIY  cheery kitchen

So along with a lick of ‘spring green’ paint my kitchen became a more cheery place.



…and some pretty flowers just because!

Happy Saturday,



4 thoughts on “Pilot Post

  1. Hi Lex, nice to meet a fellow Canadian, though I’m from Vancouver so very used to a lot of rain!
    Your chalkboard art is really stunning. It looks completely professional. You should be very proud of it.
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey.
    Cheers, and happy crafting,

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